Horror Studies   —   Volume 9

9.1 Spring 2018

Mark Jancovitch, Introduction: Remembering Peter Hutchings

Paul Frith, 'The most objectionable story I have ever had to report on':Film censorship in post-Second World War Britain and the re-telling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Body Snatcher 

Geraint D'Arcy, 'Blood effects in Grand-Guignol and horror performance: Making the right kind of splash

Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone and Emanuel Tanti, ‘Murder, medium and manipulation in the metropolis

Dawn Keetley, 'Showtime’s Dexter: The horror of being (non)human

Anya Heise-von der Lippe, ‘I keep saying “brains”’ – posthuman zombie narratives

Colin Gardner, 'The Twilight of The Idols: Perversity as eternal return and will-to-power in Antonio Margheriti’s The Virgin Of Nuremberg

Vincent L. Barnett, '"Instant Junk": The Thing (1982), the box-office gross factor, and reviews from another world

Gustavo Generani, ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Breaking the imperial-anthropological time
Book Reviews:

The Walking Dead: Talking terror with tv's top horror writers, by Thomas Fahy, reviewed by Kimberly Jackson

Horror Cinema, by Jonathan Penner and Steven Jay Schneider, reviewed by Antonio Sanna

9.2 Autumn 2018

Special Issue: Spineless
Guest Editors: Thomas M. Stuart and Riley Mcdonald

Thomas M. Stuart, Introduction: 'The vast and omnivorous cloud'

Joe Ondrak, 'Spectres des Monstres: Post-postmodernisms, hauntology and creepypasta narratives as digital fiction

Cameron Riddell, ‘"Ever seen horse-eyes up close?": Entropoetics in _9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9's The Interface Series'

Kevin Cooley and Caleb Andrew Milligan, 'Haunted objects, networked subjects: The nightmarish nostalgia of creepypasta'

Heather Osborne, '8-bit nostalgia and the uncanny: Horror as critique in Twine games"

Karen E. Macfarlane, 'Zombies and the viral web'

Adam Lovasz, '"Would you like to meet a ghost?" Repetition and spectral posthumanism in Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Kairo'