Horror Studies   —   Volume 7

7.1 Spring 2016

Reynold Humphries, Introduction: From Poe to zombies

Natasha Rebry, ‘A slight lesion in the grey matter’: The Gothic Brain in Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan

Chloe Buckley, How Monsters are Made: “No remorse, no pity” in Shelley, Dickens and Priestley’s Mister Creecher

Ilse Bussing, Complicit Bodies: Excessive Sensibilities and Haunted Space

Octavia Cade, Sifting Science: Stratification and The Exorcist

Dewey Musante, Insidious Forms: Deleuze, The Bodily Diagram, and the Haunted House Film

Lindsey Decker, Transnational Genre Hybridity in Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later

David Christopher, Zombieland and the Inversion of the Subaltern Zombie

Stephen Gencarella, Thunder without Rain: Fascist masculinity in AMC's The Walking Dead


Larry Cohen: The Radical Allegories of an Independent Filmmaker, by Tony Williams, reviewed by Stephen R. Bissette
The Cinema of George A. Romero: Knight of the Living Dead, by Tony Williams, reviewed byDavid Roche
Making and Remaking Horror in the 1970s and 2000s: Why Don’t They Do It Like They Used To? by David Roche, reviewed by Christopher Sharrett
The Unique Legacy of Weird Tales: The Evolution of Modern Fantasy and Horror, edited by Justin Everett and Jeffrey H. Shanks, reviewed by Riley McDonald

7.2 Autumn 2016

Special Issue: Sonic Horror
Guest Editor: Isabella van Elferen

Isabella van Elferen, Introduction: Sonic Horror

Matt Foley, 'My voice shall ring in your ears': the Acousmatic Voice and the Timbral Sublime in the Gothic Romance

Joan Passey, Sound and Silence: the Aesthetics of the Auditory in the Novels of Ann Radcliffe

Frances Clarke, Gothic Vibrations and Edgar Allan Poe

Danielle Hancock, Welcome to Welcome to Night Vale: First Steps in Exploring the Horror Podcast

Jessica Balanzategui, Haunted nostalgia and the Aesthetics of Technological Decay: Hauntology and Super 8 in Sinister

Steven T. Brown, Ambient Horror: From Sonic Palimpsests to Haptic Sonority in the Cinema of Kurosawa Kiyoshi

Sean Matharoo, A Weird Creature Operating in the Theater:…ODDSAC

Amanda DiGioia, A Cry in the Dark: The Howls of Wolves in Horror and Heavy Metal Music

Isabella van Elferen, Sonic Monstrosity

Phil Emery, Nosfer-2