Horror Studies   —   Volume 8

8.1 Spring 2017

Steven Bruhm, Introduction to Horror Studies 8.1

Brian Zager, ‘Existence occulted: Rhetorical pessimism and the world-without-us’

Ethan Stoneman and Joseph Packer, ‘No, everything is not all right: Supernatural horror as pessimistic argument’

David Roche, ‘Fault Lines in Under the Skin: an ethics and aesthetics of the “Monstrous”’

Nathanael Cloyd, ‘Fear and Utopia in the Millennial Zombie: Digging peep inside Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead

Michael Fiddler, ‘Cutting through the fourth wall: the violence of home invasion in Michael Haneke’s Funny Games

Suzette Mayr, ‘”House of Mirrors”: The sentient house as homosocial and intimate space in Andrew Pyper’s The Guardians

James Morgart, ‘Deleuzions of Ecohorror: Weighing Al Gore's ecostrategy against The Day of the Triffids

Gavin F. Hurley, ‘The Beautiful, the Bizarre, and the Brutal: Dario Argento's rhetoric of simulational aesthetics’

David R. Pendery, ‘Biochemical Responses to Horror, or, Why do I like this stuff?’
Book Reviews:

The Shining: Studies in the Horror Film, by Danel Olson, reviewed by Sorcha Ní Fhlainn

Horror Film and Affect: Towards Corporeal Model of Viewership, by Xavier Aldana Reyes, reviewed by Eliot Bessette

8.2 Autumn 2017

Special Issue: TV Fangdom
Guest Editors: Stacey Abbott, Lorna Jowett, and Michael Starr

Stacey Abbott, Lorna Jowett, and MIchael Starr, 'Introduction Bloodlines: Hunting the Vampire through TV History'

Stacet Abbott, ‘"Look Who’s Got a Case of Dark Prince Envy": Dracula, Televisuality and the Golden Age(s) of TV Horror'

Catherine Spooner, ‘"Last night I dreamt I went to Collinwood Again": Vampire Adaptation and Reincarnation Romance in Dark Shadows'

Simon Brown, 'Stephen King’s Vampire Kingdom. Supernatural EVIL and Human evil in TV Adaptations of Salem’s Lot'

Xavier Aldana Reyes, 'The Curious Case of the Spanish Televisual Vampire'

Sorcha Ní Fhlainn, 'A Very Special Vampire Episode: Vampires, Archetypes, and Postmodern Turns in Late-1980s and ‘90s Cult TV Shows'

Bethan Jones, ‘"When there's blood involved, a line has been crossed": Spike/Eric Slash and the Fascinations of the Crossover Text'

Rebecca Lush, 'Original Sin: Frontier Horror, Gothic Anxiety, and Colonial Monsters in The Vampire Diaries'

Lorna Jowett, 'Horrible Histories? Vampire Television, Period Drama and Spectacle'