Horror Studies   —   Volume 1

1.1 Spring 2010

Michael Lee, Editorial

Karen E. Macfarlane, Mummy Knows Best: Knowledge and the Unknowable in Turn of the Century Mummy Fiction

Gary D. Rhodes, Drakula halla (1921): The Cinema’s First Dracula

Robert Spadoni, Strange Botany in Werewolf of London

Larrie Dudenhoeffer, Evil against Evil: The Parabolic Structure and Thematics of William Friedkin’s The Exorcist

Linda Maria Koldau, Of Submarines and Sharks: Musical Settings of a Silent Menace

Tom O’Connor, Uncontrollably Herself: Deleuze’s Becoming-woman in the Horror Films of Michael Almereyda

Tom Wadenius, The Monstrous Masculine: Abjection and Todd Solondz’s Happiness


Catherine Spooner, Dark Looks: An Interview With Valerie Steele

1.2 Autumn 2010

J.P. Telotte, Lewtonian Space: Val Lewton’s Films and the New Space of Horror

Matthew A. Killmeier, Modernity’s Enchanting Shadow: The Hall Of Fantasy, Horror Programmes and US Post-War Radio

James Wierzbicki, Lost In Translation? Ghost Music in Recent Japanese Kaidan Films and Their Hollywood Remakes

Stella Hockenhull, Sublime Landscapes in Contemporary British Horror: The Last Great Wilderness and Eden Lake

Steve Jones, Time is Wasting: Con/sequence And S/pace in the Saw Series

Joanne Watkiss, The Horror Of Inheritance: Poisonous Lineage in Bret Easton Ellis’ Lunar Park

Brian Hu, Make a copy, pass it on: The Ring Two and the Ghost of Verbinski


Horror Zone: The Cultural Experience Of Contemporary Horror Cinema, edited by Ian Conrich, reviewed by Dion Tubrett