Horror Studies   —   Volume 5

5.1 Spring 2014

Mario DiGiglio-Bellemare, Val Lewton and the Grand-Guignol: Mademoiselle Fifi and Horror Canonicity

Murray Leeder, Victorian Science and Spiritualism in The Legend of Hell House 

Simchi Cohen, The Legend of Disorder: The Living Dead, Disorder, and Autoimmunity in Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend

Matt Raimondo, Frenetic Aesthetics: Observational Horror and Spectatorship

Rebecca Duncan, Contemporary South African Horror: On Meat, Neoliberalism and the Postcolonial Politics of a Global Form 

Shaun Kimber, Amelioration/Amplification: The Possibilities for Transgression within Srpski Film/A Serbian Film


Helen Mitchell, Fear and the musical avant-garde in games:  interviews with Jason Graves, Garry Schyman, Paul Gorman and Michael Kamper   


Studies in Terror: Landmarks of Horror Cinema, by Jonathan Rigby,  reviewed by Antonio Sanna

5.2 Autumn 2014

Special Issue, Thai Horror Film
Guest Editors: Katarzyna Ancuta and Mary Ainslie

Kasia Ancuta and Mary Ainslie, Editorial

Mary Ainslie, The Supernatural and Post-War Thai Cinema

Andrew Hock Soon Ng, Between Subjugation and Subversion: Ideological Ambiguity in the Cinematic Mae Nak of Thailand

Benjamin Baumann, From Filth-Ghost to Khmer-Witch: Phi Krasue’s Changing Cinematic Construction and its Symbolism

Natalie Boehler, Staging the Spectral: The Border, Haunting, and Politics in Mekong Hotel

Adam Knee, Reincarnating Mae Nak:  The Contemporary Cinematic History of a Thai Icon

Katarzyna Ancuta, Spirits in Suburbia: Ghosts, Global Desires and the Rise of Thai Middle-Class Horror

Colette Balmain, Crypto-Cannibalism: Meat, Murder and Monstrosity in Tiwa Moeithasong’s Meat Grinder.


The Twilight of the Gothic, by Joseph Crawford, reviewed by Chloe Buckley

Listen in Terror: British Horror Radio from the Advent of Broadcasting to the Digital Age, by Richard J. Hand, reviewed by Carly Stevenson