Horror Studies   —   Volume 6

6.1 Spring 2015

Steven Bruhm, Editor’s Introduction: Inter-Views

Sheena Yates, Psychic Vampirism and Mythic Vampirism: Issues of Pathological Identification and Sado-masochistic Perversion

Alan Ambrisco, Suicide, Spectral Politics and the Ghosts of History in Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian

Amy Green, ‘I’ll Give You Television, I’ll Give You Eyes of Blue, I’ll Give You a Man Who Wants to Rule the World’: The Commodification of Women and the Desire for the West in Takashi Miike’s Imprint

Brandon Grafius, On Motherhood from the Inside

Carys Crossen, Educating Edward Et Al: The Issue of Education in Twilight and Twilight in Education

The Cabin: A Triptych

Michael J. Blouin, A Growing Global Darkness': Cultural Borders in Goddard's The Cabin in the Woods

Ben Kooyman, ‘Gotta keep the customer satisfied’: Puppeteers as Director-Surrogates in The Cabin in the Woods

Christopher Lockett, ‘We are not who we are’: Lovecraftian Conspiracy and Magical Humanism in The Cabin in the Woods


Tom Ue, When Dorian Meets Holmes: An Interview with Scott Handcock

Jeffrey Klaehn, The Wonder of Stories: An interview with British horror novelist Simon Clark

6.2 Autumn 2015

Special Issue of Work by Members of our Advisory Board

Steven Bruhm, Editor's Introduction: American Horror Stories

Special Cluster: Work by Members of the Editorial Advisory Board

Mark Jancovich, 'The Theme of Psychological Destruction': Horror Stars, the Crisis of Identity and 1940s Horror

Robert Singer, 'Error Bred in the Bone': The Bad Seed

Kelly Hurley, 'Type H': Medicine, Psychiatry, and Psychoanalysis in the Body Snatchers Films

Drew Beard, Horror at Home: Supernatural Horror, Delivery Systems, and 1980s Satanic Panic

Linnie Blake, All Hell Breaks Loose: Supernatural, Gothic Neoliberalism, and the American Self

Fred Botting, HORRORSPACE: Reading House of Leaves

General Essays

Sophus Reinert, The Ecomony of Fear: H.P. Lovecraft on Eugenics, Economics, and the Great Depression

David Christopher, Discourse of the Damned: On Canadian Horror Cinema

Zachary Price, Skin Gazing: Queer Bodies in Almodovar's The Skin I Live in


Gothic Fiction and the Invention of Terrorism, by Joseph Crawford, reviewed by Danel Olson