Horror Studies Submissions

Horror Studies Journal coverHorror Studies is always seeking essays that break ground in any field of the study of horror.  While the journal does not have a strict word limit, most critical articles are on average 7,000-10,000 words, including citational apparatus.  Book reviews generally approach 1500 words.  Exceptions will be made when the scope of an essay requires it, but submitters are asked to aim for these limits in preparation of their work.

Our publisher, Intellect Books, requires that all essays use Intellect Journals House Style. This style is a version of the Harvard Reference Style. All essays and reviews must adhere to this system to be considered for publication.

Horror Studies is also able to publish images, should they be necessary to an essay’s argument and purpose.  We welcome as many black and white images as may be needed in an article, and we have limited space for colour images.  If you plan to submit images with your article, please consult the attached Image Guide to ensure your images are of the proper size (that is, minimum 300 dpi). Should you wish to publish an image in colour, please consult the managing editor to see if this will be possible.  In all events we urge you to economize on images: they must be used as argument, not as decoration.  Still shots from films are considered fair use and are not subject to copyright; for images that may requirement permission to reproduce (such as a movie poster), it is the author’s responsibility to secure permission and to pay any necessary fees. All images will require captions, which should be included in the body of your essay where you wish the image to appear.

To submit an essay to Horror Studies:

  • remove all identifying marks, such as your name, institutional affiliation, or details of your publication history (that is, don’t identify a work in your References as your own)

  • save the article in MS Word

  • also in Word, prepare a ‘Metadata’ file as described on page 9 of the Intellect Style Guide.  This ‘Metadata’ will include ‘title, name of author, abstract, keywords, a full references list at the end and biography of author. We also require the author to provide his/her street and e-mail addresses for administrative purposes.’

    • Please be sure to include your current or most recent university affiliation.  In order to assure anonymity of review, we will not send your essay to someone at your home institution, and so we need to know what that institution is.

  • combine all images in an electronic folder.  (Note that for the purposes of initial review, it’s easier if you send low-resolution images.  Should your essay be accepted for publication, you will need to supply us with 300 dpi images at that time.)

  • email essay, metadata, and image file to [email protected] or [email protected] 

Receipt of essays will be acknowledged.