Horror Studies   —   Volume 8

8.1 Spring 2017

Steven Bruhm, Introduction to Horror Studies 8.1

Brian Zager, ‘Existence occulted: Rhetorical pessimism and the world-without-us’

Ethan Stoneman and Joseph Packer, ‘No, everything is not all right: Supernatural horror as pessimistic argument’

David Roche, ‘Fault Lines in Under the Skin: an ethics and aesthetics of the “Monstrous”’

Nathanael Cloyd, ‘Fear and Utopia in the Millennial Zombie: Digging peep inside Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead

Michael Fiddler, ‘Cutting through the fourth wall: the violence of home invasion in Michael Haneke’s Funny Games

Suzette Mayr, ‘”House of Mirrors”: The sentient house as homosocial and intimate space in Andrew Pyper’s The Guardians

James Morgart, ‘Deleuzions of Ecohorror: Weighing Al Gore's ecostrategy against The Day of the Triffids

Gavin F. Hurley, ‘The Beautiful, the Bizarre, and the Brutal: Dario Argento's rhetoric of simulational aesthetics’

David R. Pendery, ‘Biochemical Responses to Horror, or, Why do I like this stuff?’
Book Reviews:

The Shining: Studies in the Horror Film, by Danel Olson, reviewed by Sorcha Ní Fhlainn

Horror Film and Affect: Towards Corporeal Model of Viewership, by Xavier Aldana Reyes, reviewed by Eliot Bessette

8.2 Autumn 2017

Special Issue: Vampire Television
Guest Editors: Stacey Abbott, Lorna Jowett, and Michael Starr

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